I like to invent or innovate in the field of music and music instruments.

I just get really excited by the feeling of finding a new sound, timbre or groove. In my music studio I experiment a lot with sounds, instruments, techniques, and new ways of making music. Below are some examples of pieces of music where some of these experiments are represented in a composition or song.


'Stadsgeluiden' by Roel Pothoven (a live-electronics & sampling composition)

A composition written for 'Stadsgeluiden' (translation 'Citysounds'). I made audio recordings of 24 people, all with different nationalities, and combined these 'voices' with music in a live-electronics & sampling session at Leeszaal West, Rotterdam.

'Simpleness'  by Roel Pothoven

An electronic composition representing simpleness through sounds and harmonies.

'Nature to City Transition'  by Roel Pothoven

This composition expresses the transition of moving from nature to the city. 

'Funky Train'  by Roel Pothoven