Hi! My name is Roel Pothoven, and I'm a music producer and music studio owner. This website is meant to give you an impression of what I've done so far, musically speaking.

From here, I hope to give rise to new collaborations, new music, and inspiring moments.

My goal is to make innovative music and art, together with inspiring and talented people from all over the world. As a producer, a musician and a human being.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas, requests or comments.




My personal workplace and studio, Studio Hagelslag.

My personal workplace and studio, Studio Hagelslag.

  • I compose and produce music & sounddesign for productions by creative companies, art- or videodirectors, advertising agencies and video production companies. 
  • I work as a music producer with bands, artists and singer-songwriters.
  • I run a music studio (Studio Hagelslag) in Rotterdam (NL).
  • I perform as a multi-instrumentalist with bands, artists and singer-songwriters
  • I work as a recording engineer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer
  • I compose music for choreography, interactive installations and other crossmedia projects.
  • I write experimental music, and experiment with sounds in my music studio
  • I coach bands, artists and singer-songwriters in the process of recording an album, EP or song. I also like coaching musicians in finding the right 'sound'.
Composing at Studio Hagelslag

Composing at Studio Hagelslag

What I like doing the most within music is discovering. I like to discover about new sounds, invent new ways of making music. I find it inspiring to talk or work with all sorts of people from different fields. 

For the upcoming time, it's my goal to become better at what I do, simply by experimenting in my studio and meeting other people, learning from them through collaborations.

Feel free to take a look at one of my portfolio's.


- work with bands, artists & singer songwriters

- work for creative companies, video-directors, etc.

- work for choreographers and dancers

- experimental work