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Hi! My name is Roel Pothoven, and I'm a music producer. This website is meant to inform you about my work in order to give rise to new collaborations, new music, and inspiring moments.

My goal is to make innovative yet accessible music and art, together with inspiring and talented people from all over the world. As a producer, a musician and a human being.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas, requests or comments.


My personal workplace and studio.


  • Co-write sessions with artists, singer songwriters and musicians.

  • Experimental Music for choreography and theatre.

  • Sounddesign for interactive installations and other crossmedia projects.

  • Educational activities (audio- or musicproduction related workshops, bandcoaching and individual lessons for producers or musicians who like to learn about music production and technology).

  • Performing solo and as a multi-instrumentalist with bands, artists and singer-songwriters.

Mobile recording session for Volkskrant livestream.

Mobile recording session for Volkskrant livestream.

I have a passion for finding new sounds, inventing new ways of making music. I find it inspiring to talk or work with all sorts of people from different fields, so feel free to contact me.

Below are 4 links to my separated portfolio's.


- work with bands, artists & singer songwriters

- work for creative companies, video-directors, etc.

- work for choreographers and dancers

- experimental work