Manchester, England

Manchester, England

   phone: +31 (0)6 45956505

Roel Pothoven (28) is a Dutch music producer and multi-instrumentalist who has a strong passion for inventing, experimenting and finding new ways to make music. He graduated as a 'Creative Producer' at a Dutch Conservatory (Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam) where he received a 9 for his thesis. He likes to work on several projects simultaneously, and by means of collaboration he likes to create 'win/win-situations', inspiring each other artistically. 

Roel Pothoven works with bands, songwriters, artists, but his portfolio also shows he likes to work in broader fields of creative people, for example filmmakers or visual artists. He has played in several bands like Valour Up Twice (NL), Man Made (UK), Anna Rune (BE) as a guitarist, drummer, bass-player, live-electronics-man (with samplers and Ableton Live), and he likes to play anything that can produce sound. Roel has also been writing original music for TV-commercials starting from the age of 19. He continues to strive for inspiring collaborations.